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Will 2021 be the breakthrough year for your MSP business? Three insiders share their powerful advice.

Posted by Todyl on Jan 15, 2021 11:35:00 AM

Imagine if you had a Do Over button for 2020. What would you do differently for your MSP business this year? To learn more about what MSPs should be thinking about and doing now to grow their business in 2021, we talked to industry powerhouses CEO David DadianGenuine Technology Co-founder Ernest Murry and Todyl Channel Chief Darrin Swan in our recent webinar, “2021 and the Future of Your MSP Business.” 

What these MSP superstars won’t be doing in 2021 

For David, the answer is simple: will not be taking the foot of the pedal when it comes to marketing. They did pause for a quarter in 2020 when the pandemic first hit, but David passionately believes in persistent, consistent and sustained marketing, and credits the success of his business to robust marketing efforts. 

In the initial response to the pandemic, Ernest shared that Genuine Technology tried to adapt their client onboarding process so that staff didn’t have to go on site. Things didn’t go as smoothly as they’d hoped, and they learned it’s important to follow what work, at least until they’ve fully vetted the changes. 

What about MSP success factors in 2021? 

The shift to the work from anywhere means that businesses have had to adapt quickly, and MSPs are no different. Ernest sees tremendous opportunity for MSPs this year, “It's a golden opportunity for MSPs that are agile and prepared for this work from anywhere paradigm.” To gain the agility needed, Darrin advises that MSPs double down on the ability to scale and onboard new clients quickly. He expects to see consolidation in the MSP space in the year ahead, making for a competitive market with clients going to those who can move fastest and provide the best service to businesses shifting to remote work.  

David agreed, and added that because businesses are in cost-cutting mode and reducing internal IT staff, they are choosing to outsource instead. This is another reason why he is laser focused on marketing this year. 

How can MSPs help clients balance between connecting and protecting? 

Work from anywhere also means that MSPs must develop cloud expertise, according to Ernest, so that they can advise clients on how to best do business in a digital world, with all the flexibility they need in connecting and all the security they need in protecting. That balance can be hard to find, and as Darrin noted, many MSPs have struggled to decide what level of risk they’re willing to accept on behalf of their clients now. Security is no longer an option, and can’t be left in the hands of end users any longer. The good news, says Darrin, is that it doesn’t have to be a tough choice any longer, because the Todyl gives MSPs a faster, easier way to provide robust connection and protection, no matter where users work from. 

David explained that for, Todyl not only provides better connection and protection for his clients, but it also helps them be more efficient in their business: “It allows you to onboard significantly quicker, without having to go out and order equipment or pull it from inventory, or reconfigure it. It's just one and done, set it up in the console… It’s really the best thing since sliced bread.” 

The biggest focus in 2021? Becoming a proactive trusted business advisor to clients 

When we asked our panelists about the one thing they recommend for MSPs that want to grow in 2021, the answer was unanimous: MSPs must embrace the new role of trusted advisor to their clients, helping them get the most value from their technology to meet their business objectives. 

With technology and tech support being commoditized, and clients desperately needing guidance on digital transformation, Ernest advises MSPS to seize the opportunity now to becoming a trust business partner to clients. Darrin agreed that MSPs must develop the ability to clearly articulate business value to clients, helping them understand how to use their technology to improve operational effectiveness. Above all, David says, “Take the time to really get to know your clients and understand their business processes.” 

What investments should MSPs make in equipment, training, toolsets and technology stacks?  

If they haven’t already, Ernest recommends that MSPs start making less investment in equipment. All that equipment is much less relevant in a cloud-first, work from anywhere world. Instead, train your team on what you can make possible for your clients with the solutions you have, and make sure your toolset and tech stack are as effective as they can be with the staff and clients you serve. 

For MSPs looking to scale, Darrin thinks MSPs should focus on things that will empower them to provide more value with less, automating and reducing as much as possible so they can scale faster and optimize operations. For example, a security solution like the Todyl unified security cloud platform consolidates everything you need to connect and protect your clients, replacing multiple different hardware and software products. 

David advises that MSPs implement robust vetting processes for any new tools or technology they consider adding. He reports that the team spent a full year evaluating Todyl, making sure that it would work for their clients and for their business. Anything they add has to add value for their clients, and for their business as well. A goal has ito maintain a low number of tickets from each client every month, a key performance indicator for his business 

Get all the insider tips: watch the 2021 and the Future of Your MSP Business now  

To learn more from these MSP experts and get their insider tips for growing your business in 2021, watch the webinar now.  

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